Chiropractic Treatment

As we are the teaching clinic for the Masters level students at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, our patients are able to take advantage of reduced treatment fees.

Any patients who have not visited AECC Clinic for more than two years will be required to undergo a new patient examination.



Intern Treatment

Chiropractic treatment Adult

Child (16 years and under)




Intern Examination, new patient or returning 2 years following last visit

Full health assessment including physical examination, medical history and lifestyle. Does not include treatment.


Child (16 years and under)






Intern Exam Re-assessment or returning within one year of last visit

Assessment and examination of a new ailment/injury for existing patients.

Also suitable for previous patients who last visited AECC Clinic more than 12 months ago but less than two years ago.


Child (16 years and under)









Rehabilitation (‘Rehab’) Session

Prescribed exercise session, tailored to manage your individual condition.


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